ILR Review’s Special Issue on Immigration is now online!

world-map-306338_960_720.pngThe August 2018 Special Issue of the ILR Review is now online to view! This issue gathers cross-national perspectives of immigration legalization to provide a better understanding of immigration as a worldwide phenomenon. Below is an excerpt from the special issue introduction entitled “Introduction to a Special Issue on the Impact of Immigrant Legalization Initiatives: International Perspectives on Immigration and the World of Work,” from authors from Cornell University, Maria Lorena Cook, Shannon Gleeson, Kati L. Griffith, and Lawrence M. Kahn:

“The articles in this special issue draw on studies of legalization initiatives in major immigrant destinations: Canada, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Together they underscore the importance of cross-national perspectives for understanding the range of legalization programs and their impact on immigrant workers, the workplace, and the labor market”

For more from this special issue, which will be free to read for a limited amount of time, click here.


ILR’s goal is to publish the best empirical research on the world of work, to advance theory, and to inform policy & practice. They welcome papers that are bold and original, and seek to explore new approaches to organizational and public policy. The journal is based in Cornell’s ILR School.

To submit your work to this journal click here!



World Map Photo attributed to Free Photos.

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