Top Five: Social Marketing

Does compassion make dieters more likely to lose weight? What stops people from recycling? Could an anti-drinking Facebook campaign change a student's life? Find out these answers and more by reading the current top five most-read articles from Social Marketing Quarterly. These papers are free to access through June 26 using the links below. Please … Continue reading Top Five: Social Marketing

Invitation to Publish in Social Marketing Quarterly

Social Marketing Quarterly (SMQ) is a scholarly, internationally circulated journal focused exclusively on the theoretical, research and practical issues confronting both academics and practitioners. SMQ targets social marketers, communicators and social science professionals who use marketing principles, strategies and techniques to benefit society. SMQ contains research, case studies, conference notices, essays, editorials, interviews, book reviews … Continue reading Invitation to Publish in Social Marketing Quarterly

Can Social Media Spread Good Health?

According to the latest Pew research, nearly three-quarters of U.S. Internet users are looking for health information online, and social media usage continues to grow, with 67 percent of Internet users now on Facebook. Can social media be used for health promotion and education that will make a positive difference in people's lives? On the … Continue reading Can Social Media Spread Good Health?

How To Act on Climate Change

Climate change is a hot-button issue, often turned into a political football. For this and other reasons, it can be easy to lose sight of the real danger that it poses. If you aren't worried about climate change, here are some questions to consider: Am I at risk if climate change continues? How likely is … Continue reading How To Act on Climate Change

Is Bottled Water a Breakable Habit?

Today, about half of all Americans drink bottled water. That number is steadily rising, and so are the environmental and social impacts. According to a recent article in the Miami Herald: Americans spent $10.6 billion on bottled water in 2009 — a phenomenal outlay for something that is freely available. The energy used to produce … Continue reading Is Bottled Water a Breakable Habit?

The CSR Agenda: Part 4 of 5

On Tuesday, Forbes published a case study about a corporate social responsibility strategy that spelled the difference between life and death: Around 2000, Xerox was in big trouble. According to Dr. Joseph Cahalan, Xerox’s Vice President of Communications and Social Responsibility, the company was literally “days” away from filing for bankruptcy. Still, employees didn’t defect … Continue reading The CSR Agenda: Part 4 of 5

Planned Parenthood’s Social Marketing Success Story

We're pleased to share an article by Beth Sundstrom of the University of Maryland, "Integrating Public Relations and Social Marketing: A Case Study of Planned Parenthood," now available in the June 2012 issue of Social Marketing Quarterly. The abstract: This study examined the relationship between public relations and social marketing in a nonprofit health organization. … Continue reading Planned Parenthood’s Social Marketing Success Story

Are Facebook Fan Pages Effective?

Social marketers are out to create change—and there’s nothing like social media to spread the word to massive amounts of people. But beyond getting “liked,” does a Facebook fan page actually influence the way people think and behave? In the first SAGE-published issue of Social Marketing Quarterly (SMQ), Paige Woolley and Michael Peterson, both of … Continue reading Are Facebook Fan Pages Effective?

Marketing For a Better World

The first SAGE-published issue of Social Marketing Quarterly (SMQ) offers plenty of tangible advice for marketing scholars and practitioners who want to create change for the greater good. Click here to view the Table of Contents. The issue’s closing piece, “Insightful Social Marketing Leadership,” excerpts the keynote speech given by SMQ Associate Editor François Lagarde … Continue reading Marketing For a Better World

Going Green: Do Consumers Buy It?

The greening of corporate America often has less to do with environmental concern and more to do with perceived influence on consumers, who are hungry for environmentally friendly products and services. But a survey released this month by global business communications firm Gibbs & Soell found that only 21 percent of American consumers actually believe … Continue reading Going Green: Do Consumers Buy It?