Understanding Networking and its Benefits

[We are pleased to welcome Špela Trefalt to Management Ink. Dr. Trefalt's article "How Network Properties Affect One's Ability to Obtain Benefits: A Network Simulation" recently appeared in the OnlineFirst section of the Journal of Management Education.] About four years ago, I started teaching about networks in Executive Education Programs at Simmons School of Management. … Continue reading Understanding Networking and its Benefits

Book Review: Researchers Behaving Badly

In the March 2012 issue of the Review of Radical Political Economics, Martha A. Starr of American University reviewed "Theories of Social Capital: Researchers Behaving Badly," which examines the concept of "those features of social organization, such as networks, norms, and trust, that facilitate coordination and cooperation for mutual benefit": Ben Fine’s new book on … Continue reading Book Review: Researchers Behaving Badly