How to Make Collaborative Research Generative? Play the Cards!

[Editor's Note: We are very excited to welcome Arne Carlsen as a guest editor of Management Ink. Dr. Carlsen collaborated with Gudrun Rudningen and Tord F. Mortensen on their article “Playing the cards. Using Collaborative Artifacts With Thin Categories to Make Research Co-Generative."] Are you looking for ways to make collaborative research more generative for … Continue reading How to Make Collaborative Research Generative? Play the Cards!

How Organizations Heal After a Crisis

Editor's note: We are pleased to welcome Professor Ned Powley of the Naval Postgraduate School, whose article "The Process and Mechanisms of Organizational Healing" was published in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science March 2013 issue. When faced with significant disruption, whether induced through human error, economic downturns, or natural disasters, organizations have the potential … Continue reading How Organizations Heal After a Crisis

A Passion for Work: Part 5 of 5

Part Five: Creating Passionate Hearts The search for work passion starts with educating our future business leaders to love what they do. Today we conclude our series on work passion with a piece from the Journal of Management Education. Fahri Karakas of Norwich Business School published "Positive Management Education: Creating Creative Minds, Passionate Hearts, and Kindred … Continue reading A Passion for Work: Part 5 of 5

Beautiful Action in Organizations

They’re not always readily apparent, but they make an impact: those small moments in organizations when everything works perfectly and something beautiful is created. A new study in the Journal of Management Inquiry (JMI) argues that researchers need to understand these moments of beauty-- and the unique skills in which they are rooted--in order to … Continue reading Beautiful Action in Organizations