Entrepreneurial Evolution and the Magazine Industry

Happy 4th of July! To celebrate this relaxing, barbeque and family-fun filled holiday, we're happy to provide you with a unique look into the history of the American magazine. In their article from Administrative Science Quarterly entitled "How Entrepreneurship Evolves: The Founders of New Magazines in America, 1741-1860," authors Heather A. Haveman, Jacob Habinek and … Continue reading Entrepreneurial Evolution and the Magazine Industry

How Entrepreneurship Evolves

Did you know that the first two American magazines, produced by rival printers Andrew Bradford and Benjamin Franklin in 1741, lasted only three and six months, respectively? But in their wake, an entrepreneurial spirit took hold, according to an article published in Administrative Science Quarterly: Between the appearance of the first American magazines in 1741 … Continue reading How Entrepreneurship Evolves