Life Principles for Systemic Change

[We’re pleased to welcome authors Sandra Waddock of Boston College and Petra Kuenkel of the Collective Leadership Institute. They recently published an article in Organization & Environment entitled “What Gives Life to Large System Change?," which is currently free to read for a limited time. Below, they reflect on the motivations and innovations of their research:] As … Continue reading Life Principles for Systemic Change

Book Review: The Sound of Innovation

Andrew J. Nelson : The Sound of Innovation. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2015. 236 pp. $34.00, hardcover. Gino Cattani of New York University recently published a book review in Administrative Science Quarterly for The Sound of Innovation. An excerpt from the book review: The emergence of novelty—a new technology or organizational form, or even an entirely … Continue reading Book Review: The Sound of Innovation