Call for Papers on Neuroscience in Organizational Research

Organizational Research Methods seeks submissions for a feature topic on Neuroscience in Organizational Research. This feature topic will be guest edited by Micah Murray and John Antonakis, both of Lausanne University. From the call for papers: In many areas of the social and behavioral sciences, neuroscience has emerged as one of the dominant conceptual and … Continue reading Call for Papers on Neuroscience in Organizational Research

Are Entrepreneurs’ Brains Wired Differently?

In his recent article on neuroleadership, Neal Ashkanasy predicted that “the fad will pass…but good research will have a lasting effect.” As neuroscience continues to gain a foothold in management research, the same might be said of neuroentrepreneurship, according to an essay by Pablo Martin de Holan of EMLYON in Ecully, France. In "It's All … Continue reading Are Entrepreneurs’ Brains Wired Differently?

Neuroleadership: Not Just a Fad

Neuroleadership -- the application of neuroscience findings to the field of leadership -- is an emerging field of study sometimes dismissed as merely a fad. In the Journal of Management Inquiry July 2013 issue, Neal M. Ashkanasy of the University of Queensland published a Reflections on Experience piece, "Neuroscience and Leadership: Take Care Not to … Continue reading Neuroleadership: Not Just a Fad