Multidimensionality: A Cross-Disciplinary Review and Integration

[We’re pleased to welcome authors Xing Liu, Jieun Park, Christina Hymer, and Sherry M. B. Thatcher of the University of South Carolina. They recently published an article in the Journal of Management entitled “Multidimensionality: A Cross-Disciplinary Review and Integration," which is currently free to read for a limited time. Below, they reveal the inspiration for conducting this research:] … Continue reading Multidimensionality: A Cross-Disciplinary Review and Integration

Eunseong Cho on Coefficient Alpha

[We're pleased to welcome Eunseong Cho of Kwangwoon University in the Republic of Korea. Professor Cho recently collaborated with Seonghoon Kim of Chungbuk National University on their paper "Cronbach’s Coefficient Alpha: Well Known but Poorly Understood" from Organizational Research Methods.] What inspired you to be interested in this topic? It was due to my ignorance … Continue reading Eunseong Cho on Coefficient Alpha