How Has Retailing Evolved?

From general stores to department stores and superstores, retailing has undergone significant changes in the past two centuries. In their article "The Evolution of Retailing: A Meta Review of the Literature" from Journal of Macromarketing, authors Ellen McArthur, Scott Weaven, and Rajiv Dant review a wide range of literature detailing the progression of retailing throughout … Continue reading How Has Retailing Evolved?

On Marketing Thought and the Further Development of Marketing Theory

The December 2011 issue of Marketing Theory has a commentaries section that focuses on the theme: "On Marketing Thought and the Further Development of Marketing Theory." The lead commentary, "Marketing thought and the further development of marketing theory," was published by Stanley J. Shapiro in this recent issue. To read the other commentaries, please click … Continue reading On Marketing Thought and the Further Development of Marketing Theory

Competition & Combative Advertising

"Competition and Combative Advertising: An Historical Analysis," by Fred Beard, University of Oklahoma, was published in the September issue of Journal of Macromarketing.   Professor Beard has contributed some additional information about the article. Who is the target audience for this article? Scholars and researchers with interests in business, advertising and economics. What inspired you to be interested … Continue reading Competition & Combative Advertising

Journal of Macromarketing Hunt Article

Read about the beginnings of the society and the journal in Shelby Hunt's article recently published in the Journal of Macromarketing: "On the Founding of the Journal of Macromarketing". From those beginnings, the journal has come a long way, having just been accepted into the Social Science Citation Index.