A Review of Adventure Tourism Literature

[We are pleased to welcome Mingming Cheng of UTS Business School. Mingming recently published an article in Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research entitled "A Tri-Method Approach to a Review of Adventure Tourism Literature: Bibliometric Analysis and a Quantitative Systematic Literature Review" with co-authors Deborah Edwards, Simon Darcy, and Kylie Redfern.] What inspired you to … Continue reading A Review of Adventure Tourism Literature

Critical Reflection: Real Life Applications for Mezirow’s Theory

[We are pleased to welcome Henriette Lundgren. Henriette published an article in Human Resource Development Review entitled "On Critical Reflection: A Review of Mezirow's Theory and its Operationalization," with co-author Rob F. Poell.] What inspired you to be interested in this topic? To stop and think is considered good practice in most professional contexts. For … Continue reading Critical Reflection: Real Life Applications for Mezirow’s Theory

New Podcast: Henriette Lundgren on Mezirow’s Theory and Its Operationalization

In the latest podcast from Human Resource Development Review, Henriette Lundgren discusses the article she co-authored with Rob Poell entitled, "On Critical Reflection: A Review of Mezirow's Theory and Its Operationalization," which was recently published in the March 2016 issue of Human Resource Development Review. You can find the podcast on the Human Resource Development Review website here, … Continue reading New Podcast: Henriette Lundgren on Mezirow’s Theory and Its Operationalization

How Has Retailing Evolved?

From general stores to department stores and superstores, retailing has undergone significant changes in the past two centuries. In their article "The Evolution of Retailing: A Meta Review of the Literature" from Journal of Macromarketing, authors Ellen McArthur, Scott Weaven, and Rajiv Dant review a wide range of literature detailing the progression of retailing throughout … Continue reading How Has Retailing Evolved?

They Call Me Coach

When it comes to human resource development, there are three types of coaching to consider: managerial coaching, executive coaching and peer coaching. But how do you measure the accuracy and legitimacy of coaching within an organizational context? Authors Marcia S. Hagen and Shari L. Peterson discuss in their article from Advances in Developing Human Resources … Continue reading They Call Me Coach

The Quiet Power of the ‘Most Trusted Advisor’

Editor's note: We are pleased to welcome Dr. Vanessa M. Strike of Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, who provides an inside look at two of her articles recently published in Family Business Review. Read the full-text articles here and here. Queen Elizabeth I had Courtier Sir Francis Walsingham. Don Vito Corleone had family lawyer … Continue reading The Quiet Power of the ‘Most Trusted Advisor’

The Internationalization of Family Firms

When and how do family businesses internationalize? The question has been percolating for years among international management, entrepreneurship, and family business academics, practitioners, and policy makers. Thilo J. Pukall and Andrea Calabrò, both of Witten/Herdecke University in Witten, Germany, provide an updated and complete assessment with "The Internationalization of Family Firms: A Critical Review and … Continue reading The Internationalization of Family Firms

Writing a Literature Review?

“Strengthening Your Literature Review”, by Rebecca Reuber of the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was the most frequently read article in Family Business Review in 2010. Dr. Reuber has provided an additional personal perspective on the article: I wrote the article, Strengthening Your Literature Review, after conversations with FBR Editor Pramodita Sharma and some of the … Continue reading Writing a Literature Review?

Meta-analysis Reviews: Debunking Myths and Urban Legends

Herman Aguinis, Charles A. Pierce, Frank A. Bosco, Dan R. Dalton, and Catherine M. Dalton offer best-practice recommendations regarding how to conduct meta-analytic reviews. Click here to read the article in Organizational Research Methods OnlineFirst.

Is Your Literature Review as Strong as It Can Be?

See Strengthening Your Literature Review in the June 2010 issue of Family Business Review for a good checklist: Signals a Fit Between the Research and the Journal Motivates Your Research Question Defines Your Key Research Constructs Covers Past Research Thoroughly Covers Recent Research Has a Point of View Is Well Written