Happy Labor Day from Management INK!

In honor of Labor Day in the United States, we're pleased to feature a collection of articles from ILR Review. The collection includes nine articles related to Labor Economics. One paper, entitled "Workforce Reduction at Women-Owned Businesses in the United States," authors David A. Mats and Amalia R. Miller find an association between female business leadership and increased … Continue reading Happy Labor Day from Management INK!

Is There A Skill Shortage in the US?

[We're pleased to welcome Peter Cappelli of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Peter recently published an article in ILR Review entitled "Skill Gaps, Skill Shortages, and Skill Mismatches: Evidence and Arguments for the United States" ] Concerns over the supply of skills in the labor force, especially education-related skills, continue in the United … Continue reading Is There A Skill Shortage in the US?

Whose Jobs Are These?

In firms with more female managers, are newly created jobs more likely to be filled by men or by women? Lisa E. Cohen of McGill University and Joseph P. Broschak of the University of Arizona uncover the answer and its implications for practice in their study, "Whose Jobs Are These? The Impact of the Proportion … Continue reading Whose Jobs Are These?