The Evaluation of Potential Employees through Social Media

It’s not surprising that employers use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to gather more information about a potential employee, but there’s little research exploring this practice. Philip L. Roth at Clemson University, Philip Bobko at Gettysburg College, Chad H. Van Iddekinge, Florida State University, and Jason B. Thatcher, Clemson University recently published their findings in the … Continue reading The Evaluation of Potential Employees through Social Media

Staying Lean

The phrase, "Lean In" has been on everyone's lips since the popular book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg came out. While emphasis is usually placed on the day-to-day grind, how can meaning and not just success be reinserted back into the workplace? Using Jungian and post-Jungian theories, Dr. John M. Dirkx of Michigan State University … Continue reading Staying Lean

Get Published!

Do you have a paper to submit for Compensation & Benefits Review? Compensation & Benefits Review is accepting bylined articles from experts and practitioners on the following topics: Pay plan design Performance pay Incentive plans Sales compensation Executive compensation Performance management Performance appraisals Job evaluation Compensation communication Case studies of pay programs Salary surveys Legal … Continue reading Get Published!

Make It Work For You

There are very few good things that can come out of a recession. Extreme couponing aside, Dr. Emily C. Bianchi of Emory University seems to have found a new one: overall job satisfaction for new graduates. Here's the abstract from her new paper "The Bright Side of Bad Times: The Affective Advantages of Entering the Workforce … Continue reading Make It Work For You

From the Archive: Flexible Leader Theory & Firm Performance

Today we are re-running one of our most popular posts. "Human Capital, Efficiency, and Innovative Adaptation as Strategic Determinants of Firm Performance" by Rubina Mahsud, Gregory E. Prussia, Seattle University, and Gary Yukl, State University of New York at Albany, was published in Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies. Professor Mahsud graciously expounded upon the … Continue reading From the Archive: Flexible Leader Theory & Firm Performance

Profile of a Cyberloafer

Who are cyberloafers? We know that they waste time at work by checking Facebook, sending personal emails, and otherwise discreetly using the Web in ways that they shouldn't. But an article published in the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies finds they also share certain personality traits -- and identifies ways that organizations may prevent … Continue reading Profile of a Cyberloafer

Yes, Looks Do Matter in the Workplace

An article recently published in Cornell Hospitality Quarterly found that hotel customers prefer physically attractive front desk employees because they "increase the guest’s confidence that the service provider can provide a knowledgeable and courteous exchange." Using a study that compared photographs of models, authors Vincent P. Magnini of Virginia Tech, Melissa Baker of the University … Continue reading Yes, Looks Do Matter in the Workplace

Diversity: PPM Editor’s Choice

Looking for articles on important topics in human resources? The Public Personnel Management Editor's Choice Collections cover organizational commitment, employee benefits, turnover, diversity, and much more. Click here to see them all, or read on for highlights from the diversity collection: Salomon A. Guajardo of the City University of New York writes in his article, … Continue reading Diversity: PPM Editor’s Choice

SAGE Begins Publishing Public Personnel Management

We are pleased to announce that SAGE has begun publishing Public Personnel Management, an award-winning quarterly journal for human resource executives and managers in the public sector. Each issue contains in-depth articles on trends, case studies and the latest research by top human resource scholars and industry experts. Founded by the International Public Management Association for … Continue reading SAGE Begins Publishing Public Personnel Management

Best Practices in Diversity Management

Each year, Diversity Inc. puts out a Top 50 list recognizing companies with outstanding diversity practices. A new study in Cornell Hospitality Quarterly samples these top performers to reveal what it is they are doing to successfully manage a diverse workforce--as well as the broad benefits these practices bring. Author Juan M. Madera of the … Continue reading Best Practices in Diversity Management