Dealing with Learning–Credibility Tension

[We’re pleased to welcome authors Alaric Bourgoin and Jean-François Harvey of HEC Montréal, Canada, who recently published the article, "Professional image under threat: Dealing with learning–credibility tension," in Human Relations. Below they discuss the results and implications of their research.] How does one learn and build credibility simultaneously? Today’s professionals often find themselves entering new organisations … Continue reading Dealing with Learning–Credibility Tension

Bringing Foundational Research in from the Cold

[This post features an interview originally featured on the Social Science Space blog. You can find the original blog post here.] Like a favorite quote that turns out not to have passed the lips of Churchill or Twain, foundational research often is honored as its interpreters see it and not as the original author presented it. … Continue reading Bringing Foundational Research in from the Cold