Can We Be Happy in a Post-Apocalyptic World?

Scientists predict that in the years to come both temperatures and sea levels could rise, diminishing valuable resources and leaving civilization in a place of discomfort, both physically and economically. But, despite these distresses, could we actually be happy? Authors Gioietta Kuo and Lane Jennings think so and discuss this possibility in their article, "Achieving … Continue reading Can We Be Happy in a Post-Apocalyptic World?

Why We Should Be Optimistic About the Future

It's true that our natural environment is in peril and our planet is running out of resources. But however bleak things may seem, an article by Gioietta Kuo of the American Center for International Policy Studies and Lane Jennings of the World Future Society asserts that we all have reason to be positive about the … Continue reading Why We Should Be Optimistic About the Future

The Pursuit of Happiness at Work

This National Public Health Week, we remind ourselves there is much that management academics and practitioners can do to refocus on the relevance of the field for improving people’s lives. Today we highlight a literature review on life satisfaction from the Journal of Management that aims to understand the relationship between work and happiness. Managers … Continue reading The Pursuit of Happiness at Work

The Need for a Happy Holiday

Vacations are made for enjoyment. Seeing old friends, relaxing, sightseeing, and escaping the daily grind are all undeniably appealing. But various factors including holiday stress, fellow travelers, and tiredness can sometimes make a vacay not so happy. The Journal of Travel Research published a study that answers the question: How happy are tourists during a … Continue reading The Need for a Happy Holiday

Are You Happy At Work?

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Better Life Index revealed last week that while the U.S. ranks No. 1 in terms of income compared to other OECD countries, it lags far behind in terms of work-life balance. A new study in the Journal of Management (JOM) examines this all-important relationship, asking how our work … Continue reading Are You Happy At Work?