Call for Papers: World Future Review!

World Future Review is currently accepting submissions concerned with futures research. The journal publishes foresight literature addressing topics informed by technology assessment, policy analysis, operations research, issues management, competition research, and more. To find out more about the manuscript submission guidelines and how you can submit your manuscript to World Future Review, click here. In the recent … Continue reading Call for Papers: World Future Review!

The CSR Agenda: Part 4 of 5

On Tuesday, Forbes published a case study about a corporate social responsibility strategy that spelled the difference between life and death: Around 2000, Xerox was in big trouble. According to Dr. Joseph Cahalan, Xerox’s Vice President of Communications and Social Responsibility, the company was literally “days” away from filing for bankruptcy. Still, employees didn’t defect … Continue reading The CSR Agenda: Part 4 of 5

Are Voluntary Environmental Governance Efforts Effective?

In the recent article, “The Prospects and Limits of Eco-Consumerism: Shopping Our Way to Less Deforestation?”, which was incorrectly listed in the recent SAGE Business and Management newsletter, Peter Dauvergne and Jane Lister examine this question.