Multidimensionality: A Cross-Disciplinary Review and Integration

[We’re pleased to welcome authors Xing Liu, Jieun Park, Christina Hymer, and Sherry M. B. Thatcher of the University of South Carolina. They recently published an article in the Journal of Management entitled “Multidimensionality: A Cross-Disciplinary Review and Integration," which is currently free to read for a limited time. Below, they reveal the inspiration for conducting this research:] … Continue reading Multidimensionality: A Cross-Disciplinary Review and Integration

Faultlines, Fairness, and Fighting

 "Faultlines, Fairness, and Fighting: A Justice Perspective on Conflict in Diverse Groups,"  by Chester S. Spell, Rutgers University, Katerina Bezrukova, Santa Clara University, Jarrod Haar, University of Waikato, and Christopher Spell, Rutgers University, was published in the June 2011 issue of Small Group Research. Professor Bezrukova kindly shared some background information about the article. Who is the target audience for this article? Scholars … Continue reading Faultlines, Fairness, and Fighting