Consumer Identification and Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporations are encouraged more and more to consider social responsibilities when producing their merchandise. But do the virtues advertised by these corporations actually affect consumers' decisions? Dr. Rosa Chun studied The Body Shop and its customers to see how they were influenced by The Body Shop's publicized ethics in her article, "What Holds Ethical Consumers … Continue reading Consumer Identification and Corporate Social Responsibility

How Organizations Heal After a Crisis

Editor's note: We are pleased to welcome Professor Ned Powley of the Naval Postgraduate School, whose article "The Process and Mechanisms of Organizational Healing" was published in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science March 2013 issue. When faced with significant disruption, whether induced through human error, economic downturns, or natural disasters, organizations have the potential … Continue reading How Organizations Heal After a Crisis

Facilitating Authentic Becoming

Matthew Eriksen, Providence College, published "Facilitating Authentic Becoming" on November 2nd, 2011 in the Journal of Management Education's OnlineFirst section. Other OnlineFirst articles can be found here. The abstract: A Model of Authentic Becoming that conceptualizes learning as a continuous and ongoing embodied and relational process, and uses social constructionism assumptions as well as Kolb’s experiential … Continue reading Facilitating Authentic Becoming