The Hidden Costs of Downsizing?

Managers who think downsizing will boost profitability need to be aware of its potentially damaging long-term effects, according to a new study in the Journal of Service Research (JSR). Mahesh Subramony of Northern Illinois University and Brooks C. Holtom of Georgetown University, who published "The Long-Term Influence of Service Employee Attrition on Customer Outcomes and Profits" … Continue reading The Hidden Costs of Downsizing?

Is CSR Worthwhile to Firms?

"Doing Good And Doing Better Despite Negative Information? The Role Of Corporate Social Responsibility In Consumer Resistance To Negative Information" by Andreas B. Eisingerich, Gaia Rubera, Matthias Seifert, and Gunjan Bhardwaj appears in the February 2011 issue of the Journal of Service Research. Today, Dr.  Eisingerich provides some background on this article: Who is the target … Continue reading Is CSR Worthwhile to Firms?

Does CSR Insulate Firms From Scrutiny?

Dr. Andreas B. Eisingerich, Imperial College Business School, Imperial College London, takes a moment today to provide some background for his article recently published in the Journal of Service Research Online First. "Doing Good and Doing Better despite Negative Information?: The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Consumer Resistance to Negative Information", was written by … Continue reading Does CSR Insulate Firms From Scrutiny?