Apprenticeship Returns: What’s Gender Got to Do with It?

[We are pleased to welcome Harry Krashinsky of University of Toronto. Harry published an article in the October 2015 issue of ILR Review entitled "Returns to Apprenticeship Based on the 2006 Canadian Census" with co-author Morley Gunderson of University of Toronto.] Until the 2006 Canadian Census, there had been no large cross-sectional data sets that … Continue reading Apprenticeship Returns: What’s Gender Got to Do with It?

The CSR Agenda: Part 4 of 5

On Tuesday, Forbes published a case study about a corporate social responsibility strategy that spelled the difference between life and death: Around 2000, Xerox was in big trouble. According to Dr. Joseph Cahalan, Xerox’s Vice President of Communications and Social Responsibility, the company was literally “days” away from filing for bankruptcy. Still, employees didn’t defect … Continue reading The CSR Agenda: Part 4 of 5

A Just Cup of Coffee: From Fair Trade to Human Happiness

As public awareness and advertising have increased, fair trade coffee has gathered mainstream appeal, but what are its real-life impacts on the economy, sustainability, and human well-being? For today’s post, we’ve compiled an assortment of articles that study coffee and community from a marketing and political economy perspective. The Review of Radical Political Economics takes … Continue reading A Just Cup of Coffee: From Fair Trade to Human Happiness

2010 Impact Factor and Ranking Results

SAGE is pleased to announce 27% growth in the number of titles receiving Impact Factors with 385 journals now indexed in the latest 2010 Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports® (Thomson Reuters, 2011). 54 SAGE journals received their first Impact Factor with the 2010 report. To see the new impact factors for all SAGE journals, please … Continue reading 2010 Impact Factor and Ranking Results

Business Leaders & Human Resources

Scott W. Lester, University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire, Jason Fertig, University of Southern Indiana, and Dale J. Dwyer, University of Toledo, published "Do Business Leaders Value Human Resource Certification?" in Online First in Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies. Professor Lester discussed their process in his responses below. Who is the target audience for this article? Anyone associated with … Continue reading Business Leaders & Human Resources

Are Voluntary Environmental Governance Efforts Effective?

In the recent article, “The Prospects and Limits of Eco-Consumerism: Shopping Our Way to Less Deforestation?”, which was incorrectly listed in the recent SAGE Business and Management newsletter, Peter Dauvergne and Jane Lister examine this question.