Defining and Exploring Boundary Conditions

While it is easy to agree that boundary conditions are an important part of theory development and research, it is not as easy for researchers to agree on what boundary conditions are, and how they should be approached. With the recent Organizational Research Methods article entitled, "Boundary Conditions: What They Are, How to Explore Them, Why We … Continue reading Defining and Exploring Boundary Conditions

Five Ways to Open a Meeting

Is there a right way to open a business meeting? In "'Stepping Stones' in Opening and Closing Department Meetings," recently published in the Journal of Business Communication, Mie Femø Nielsen of the University of Copenhagen highlights five techniques, arguing that because meetings are "interactional" achievements requiring intense collaboration, managers need to know which social actions are … Continue reading Five Ways to Open a Meeting

Variations in Family System Boundaries

"Variations in Family System Boundaries" by Brian Distelberg, Loma Linda University, and Adrian Blow, Michigan State University, was published in the March 2011 issue of Family Business Review. Professor Distelberg shared some background information on the article. Who is the target audience for this article? There are actually three target audiences that we were attempting to … Continue reading Variations in Family System Boundaries