Happy New Year from Management INK!

To celebrate winter on this New Year’s Eve, here is a collection of beautiful, winter-themed art:

Boris Mikhaylovich Kustodiev - Pancake Tuesday, Butter Week

Pancake Tuesday (Maslenista) by Boris Mikhaylovich Kustodiev

Cathedral Rock - Albert Beirstadt

Cathedral Rock by Albert Beirstadt

Ohara Keizan - Plum Tree in Snow

Plum Tree in Snow by Ohara Keizan

William Bradford - Fishing Fleet off Labrador

Fishing Fleet off Labrador by William Bradford

Albert Dubois-Pillet - Le Puy in the Snow

Le Puy in the Snow by Albert Dubois-Pillet

Karl Roux - Waldlandschaft in Winter

Waldlandschaft in Winter by Karl Roux

Norbert Goeneutte - Le Boulevard de Clichy par temps de neige

Le Boulevard de Clichy par temps de neige by Norbert Goeneutte

Happy New Year from Management INK!