Why Does Paranoia Arise in the Workplace?

[We’re pleased to welcome authors Barbara C. Lopes of the Universidade de Coimbra, Caroline Kamau of Birkbeck College, and Rusi Jaspal of De Montfort University. They recently published an article in the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies entitled "Coping With Perceived Abusive Supervision: The Role of Paranoia," which is currently free to read for a limited time. Below, they recount … Continue reading Why Does Paranoia Arise in the Workplace?

Stand Up Against Workplace Abuse

The impacts of workplace abuse, harassment, and bullying are well documented (see our recent post on the topic for relevant research). In addition to those who are the direct target of abuse, however, there are those who witness such injustices in the workplace. A new article in Business & Society asks if and when employees … Continue reading Stand Up Against Workplace Abuse

Is Your Supervisor Abusive?

When bosses humiliate, yell at, or otherwise bully subordinates, the consequences are unavoidable: abusive supervision can cause serious problems that extend from the individual to the organization as a whole. But when employees perceive that they are being abused, is it always the case, or can other factors color their perception? Mark Martinko of the … Continue reading Is Your Supervisor Abusive?