Marketing for Tourism, Hospitality & Events

SAGE Publishing would like to highlight one of the newer textbooks that provides a foundation of basic marketing principles applied to global tourism. The book, Marketing for Tourism, Hospitality & Events, is co-authored by Simon Hudson of the University of South Carolina and Louise Hudson who is an Independent Researcher.80886_9781473926646

The book is complimented by a companion website featuring a range of tools and resources for lecturers and students, including PowerPoint slides, an instructor manual, a test bank of multiple choice questions, and author-curated video links to make the examples in each chapter come to life. Below is a featured video supplement where David Edelman explains how companies can now shape the consumer decision journey:

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Watch Business & Management Videos on SAGE Video with a Free 30 Day Trial!

Video ExpertsIn honor of the recent release of the new Business & Management video collection, SAGE Video is offering a free 30 day trial for SAGE Video. The collection of business and management videos includes 184 videos and 60.8 hours of content on a variety of topics, including Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Marketing, Organization Studies, and Entrepreneurship. For a better look at what SAGE Video has to offer, here are two videos from the Business & Management collection:

Scott Taylor Apple Video Snip

In the video, “A Change of Leader: The Case of Apple,” Dr. Scott Taylor discusses Apple as an example of how corporations and customers respond to change in leadership. Dr. Taylor discusses the unusual research he conducted in the days following Steve Jobs’ death, in which he collected data as it was generated by the media, Apple customers, and the Apple corporation. Dr. Taylor set out to analyze his data with three objectives in mind. The first was to explore the meaning of leadership, in particular as derived from large corporations like Apple. The second objective was to explore how individuals form an emotional investment in leaders. The third objective for Dr. Taylor’s research was identifying the part charisma plays in modern leadership, particularly in terms of how leader charisma can impact and transform organizations.

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Jennifer Chatman Organizational Culture Video Snip

In the video Leveraging Organizational Culture,” Dr. Jennifer A. Chatman discusses organizational culture research, highlighting two popular debates in the field: Can culture be assessed quantitatively and qualitatively? And what is the difference between organizational culture and climate? Dr. Chatman explains why the study of organizational culture is important, pointing out that culture impacts the financial performance of organizations. Dr. Chatman goes on to discuss the case study of a senior leader with the company Genetech, who was able to bring separate franchises of the company together by implementing culture initiatives to develop a shared culture.

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Video: Peter Northouse on His Bestselling Leadership Textbook

The latest edition of Leadership: Theory and Practice takes a unique approach to teaching leadership theories and skills. In addition to detailed descriptions of current theories, the textbook allows students to use self-assessments to better understand the theories in relation to their own leadership style. Students learn how to practice effective leadership and identify areas where they can improve their own leadership skills.

Peter Northouse discusses his bestselling textbook in further detail below:

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Designing Better Customer Service Experiences Using “Sticktion”

The customer may always be right, but research has shown that their memory can sometimes fail them when recollecting service experiences. Fortunately, there may be a solution in the form of “sticktion.” Kathryn A. LaTour and Lewis P. Carbone discuss the use of this technique in their article from the November issue of Cornell Hospitality Quarterly entitled “Sticktion: Assessing Memory for the Customer Experience.” The authors also had a chance to sit down and talk about their findings in the video below:

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Video: Taxonomy of Serious Games for Business

When Marco Greco decided he wanted to create a collaborative creative of business games, he realized he had one major problem: the taxonomy of serious games for business was unclear. Dr. Greco collaborated with Nicola Baldissin and Fabio Nonino to create a taxonomy that would work for scholars of the business gaming community in their article published in Simulation and Gaming entitled “An Exploratory Taxonomy of Business Games.”

Dr. Greco discussed his paper in a recent interview:

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Video: Fred Luthans on the Power of Positivity

Dr. Fred Luthans, Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies Co-Editor-in-Chief and Distinguished Professor at the University of Nebraska, has long been recognized for his research on the science of positive organizational behavior and psychological capital, or PsyCap. At the 30th Pan Pacific Conference at the University of Johannesburg last month, Dr. Luthans gave two brief interviews highlighting valuable lessons from South Africa on the meaning of PsyCap and the power of positivity.

Here, he discusses how PsyCap positively affects attitudes, behaviors, and performance in the context of challenges in global talent management:

Next, he talks about PsyCap’s role in the positive change that took place at South Africa’s Robben Island, formerly a political prison:

Read some of Dr. Luthans’ recent work on PsyCap, published in the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies here.

Video: Get Your Journal Article Published!

Lucinda Becker, University of Reading

Would you like to get your article published in a scholarly journal? Lucinda Becker, a SAGE Publications author and senior  lecturer at the University of Reading in England, presents some practical advice on how to prepare, submit, and get it published in this two-part video series from the SAGE Publications YouTube channel.

Part One: Preparing Your Manuscript

Part Two: What Happens After You Submit Your Manuscript?

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