How Do Futurists View Time?


As a descendant of World Future Society Bulletin, the journal, World Futures Review, aims to be the source for information about futures studies as an academic and applied discipline.

The editorial team of WFR is interested in anything that identifies and problematizes the intellectual roots of futures studies, not only in terms of other futurists, but more generally: what scholars, schools of thought, ideologies, cosmologies, ontologies, ethical concerns, social theories, methods, underlay what the early futurists thought and wrote? What now? What should underlie them?

In the most recent issue from March 2017, Editor Dr. James Dator offers an editorial focusing on Time and Future Studies. The article is currently freeĀ to read for a limited time. Below is an excerpt from the editorial illustrating how there is more research to be done for futurists:

To determine how futurists today view time, and use the concept in their work, I sent out a call for papers on that subject. This issue of WFR is the first of what may be two or more issues of WFR devoted to a consideration of time and futures studies.

Manuscripts submitted for consideration in WFR should:

  • discuss the theoretical, philosophical, ethical, academic bases of futures work
  • demonstrate how these bases are exemplified in applied futures work, such as research, publications, teaching, and consulting
  • point the way for the preferred futures of futures studies

To submit a manuscript to WFR, please visit the manuscript submission portal. You can find the full Submission Guidelines here.

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