New Podcast: Employees’ Innovative Work Involvement in Family Firms


Podcast MicrophoneIn the latest podcast from Family Business Review, Assistant Editor Karen Vinton interviews author Yannick Bammens of Maastricht University. Yannick published an article with co-authors Guy Notelaers and Anita Van Gils entitled “Implications of Family Business Employment for Employees’ Innovative Work Involvement,” which earned a honorable mention for Family Business Review‘s 2016 Best Paper award.

The abstract for the paper:

This study builds on the idea that family businesses perform particularly well in the domain of exploitative innovations and explores a possible source of this strength, namely their employees’ spontaneous involvement in informal innovation activity. Specifically, we develop a mediation model on the FBR_v26n1_72ppiRGB_150pixWinterrelationship between family business employment and employees’ innovative work involvement. Analyses are based on a sample of 893 Belgian employees using structural equation modeling. Results suggest that family business employment is positively associated with employees’ innovative work involvement, and that part of this relationship can be attributed to their heightened perceptions of organizational support and work motivation.

You can listen to the podcast with Karen Vinton and author Yannick Bammens by clicking here. Want to hear more content from Family Business Review? Click here to search the full list of podcasts from the journal.

The article, “Implications of Family Business Employment for Employees’ Innovative Work Involvement” from Family Business Review will be free to read for the next two weeks–click here to read it! Want to stay up to date on all of the latest research from Family Business ReviewClick here to sign up for e-alerts!

YannickYannick Bammens, PhD, is an assistant professor of management at Maastricht University, the Netherlands. His current research centers on innovation management and corporate governance in the setting of founder- and family-led enterprises. His research has been published in journals such as Journal of Management, International Journal of Management Reviews, Small Business Economics, Journal of Business Ethics, and Journal of Small Business Management. L. Vinton, Ph.D., is assistant editor of FBR and a 1999 Barbara Hollander Award winner and Professor Emeritus of Business at the College of Business at Montana State University, where she founded the University’s Family Business Program. An FFI Fellow, she has served on its Board of Directors and chaired the Body of Knowledge committee.

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