Read the Latest Issue of Administrative Science Quarterly!

Current Issue CoverThe September 2016 issue of Administrative Science Quarterly is now published online and can be accessed free for the next 30 days! The September issue includes a 60th anniversary essay from Karl E. Weick of the University of Michigan, addressing the experience of organizational inquiry. The abstract for the essay:

Jerry Davis’s (2015) question “What is organizational research for?” is ill-served by the narrow answer “settled science.” Constraints of comprehension may give the illusion that organizational research represents settled science. But the experience of inquiring actually comprises a greater variety of actions that increase the meaning of present research experience and the contributions it makes. I discuss acts of conjecture, differentiation, attachment, affirmation, complication, discernment, interruption, and representation to illustrate that meaningful contributions are generated by actions associated with connecting perceptions to concepts. ASQ’s 60th anniversary is an opportune time to make these interim contributions more explicit.

In addition, the articles in the September issue address topics like whitened resumes, forecasting the success of new ideas, and combining the logics of industry and culture can lead to new possibilities for organizations. You can read the latest issue free for the next 30 days by clicking here.

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