Join SAGE at AOM 2016 to Provide Your Feedback!


Apply now!Today is the first day of the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Anaheim. SAGE will be answering publishing inquiries and displaying top-tier management journals and books at booths  412, 414, 416 & 418. On Saturday, SAGE will also be showing conference attendees a demo of SAGE Business Researcher and SAGE Business Cases and asking for input from conference attendees. In addition to providing refreshments, each attendee will receive a $25 Amazon gift card upon completion of the event.


If you’re interested in exploring SAGE Business Researcher before this event, you can read a recent issue on The Global Art Industry. The executive summary for the issue:

The market for artwork is a paradox: increasingly global and celebrity-driven, yet just as likely to take root in a New Orleans park or an online website as a high-end Manhattan gallery. Its products range from paintings and sculpture to prints, antique tea sets and furniture, even Banksy graffiti. It’s a major employer, accounting for more than 6 million jobs worldwide, and at its highest levels is driven by rich people getting richer: a mixture of supply and demand, greed, desire, and socializing, to the clink of Champagne flutes. The market has repeatedly set record prices, but experts warn it could be a bubble primed to pop. Yet online sales are growing, and investors are hunting for the next big thing, including African art. Among the issues under debate: Is the art market like the financial market? Does the art business reward artistic merit? Is globalization harming artists and the art market?

Click here to read more from this issue on SAGE Business Researcher. Interested in attending the feedback session? RSVP for the event!

*Art gallery image attributed to ctj71081 (CC)

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