SAGE @ AOM 2016!


Tomorrow kicks off the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in sunny Anaheim, California! This year’s theme is Making Organizations Meaningful. In introducing the theme, Mary Ann Glynn, Academy of Management Vice President and Program Chair, had this to say:

The meaningfulness of an organization is its expression of purpose, values or worth.  It involves a sense of significance that goes beyond material success or profitability; rather, it highlights how organizations can play a larger and more positive role in the world.  It is an approach embraced by the next generation of workers, the millennials (in their mid-to-late 30s), who often focus on making a positive difference in the world and a contribution to society — with organizations, not in spite of them.

Interest in meaningfulness has grown, fueled in part by developments in cognitive perspectives on strategic competition, cultural approaches to organizational resources, positive outlooks on realizing human potential at work, institutional insights on leadership dynamics, both heroic and sensational, new modes of communication that are social, digitalized and immediate, and the real-world failures of the dominant economic model to assure progress in material well-being for so many.

Making organizations meaningful matters, and it matters in a multitude of ways that are both immediate and far-reaching, ranging from environmental sustainability to social equality, and extending across multiple levels of analysis.  Meaningfulness at micro levels alerts us to engaging employees in work so as to maximize human potential and, at macro levels, it turns attention to organizational identity, culture, reputation, legitimacy and character.  By looking across levels, we can discover mechanisms that potentially amplify or even mute meaningfulness, as well as the contrast of meaninglessness.

Are you going to be attending AOM this year? If so, make sure to stop by SAGE booths 412, 414, 416 & 418! You can speak to SAGE employees about your publishing questions and learn more about SAGE’s management books and journals, including top-tier journals like Journal of Management, Administrative Science Quarterly, ILR Reviewand more!

Stay tuned for more information about SAGE at AOM 2016!

Interested in more information about this year’s conference? Click here to view the 2016 program. 

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