Book Review: Womentrepreneurs: Inspiring Stories of Success


The Hindu Business Line recently published a book review by Aarati Krishnan for the book Womentrepreneurs: Inspiring Stories of Success by author Avinash Kirpal. From the review:

Womentrepreneurs: Inspiring Stories of Success authored by Avinash Kirpal manages to steer clear of these pitfalls and gives a mostly factual account of 10 Indian women entrepreneurs who have succeeded in striking out on their own in diverse fields — from helming an HR consultancy, to running an NGO which helps women widowed byWomentrepreneurs gun violence get back on their feet. The very diversity of the stories chronicled here makes this book an interesting read.  It does justice to its subjects by taking a systematic approach in covering four different aspects of every entrepreneur’s life. The stories are based mainly on personal interviews with the entrepreneurs and are good reads.

This book dutifully poses the work-life balance question to every woman entrepreneur too. The answers mostly revolve around supportive families or partners who ‘didn’t interfere’ in the business. In some cases, the entrepreneur made a choice to remain single because her career choices wouldn’t fit in with ‘family life’. What these responses essentially reveal is that you shouldn’t look for a solution from others on what you can do to attain work-life balance while zealously pursuing a career. It’s largely a matter of being assertive and knowing where your own personal priorities lie.

You can read the full review from Business Line by clicking here. Interested in buying Womentrepreneurs: Inspiring Stories of Success? You can purchase the book by clicking here.

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