Family Business Review Call for Proposals: 2nd Review Issue

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Family Business Review is now accepting proposals for their 2nd Review Issue through March 1, 2016. The issue will be guest edited by Daniel Holt of Mississippi State University, Tyge Payne of Texas Tech University, Allison W. Pearson of Mississippi State University, and Pramodita Sharma of University of Vermont.

From the Call for Proposals:

We invite authors to submit proposals for the 2nd Review Issue of Family Business Review. Launched in 1988, Family Business Review is an interdisciplinary scholarly forum publishing conceptual, theoretical and empirical research that aims to advance the understanding of family enterprise around the world.

The goal of the FBR Review Issue is to provide a retrospective of research conducted in family business studies and to guide future areas 391746644_6a462b0805_zin their development. Articles in this issue will critically examine gaps between ‘what we know’ and ‘what we need to know’ concerning key topics and methods of interest to family business scholars. A multitude of review topics would be appropriate for this special issue but a key criterion is that they help build knowledge for family business scholars while contributing to sister disciplines.

We welcome a wide range of critical reviews on topics and methods. Each review must be comprehensive, summarizing research to date, and suggesting interesting research questions for family business scholars. In addition to reviews on topics typically found in the pages of FBR and other leading journals within management / business that publish family business research, we encourage reviews of topics and methods that are integral for family enterprises but not yet found in management / business journals. Examples might include research on addiction, risk, community, kinship, philanthropy, discontinuities vs. continuities, longevity, process-based research, cross-cultural research, trust and trustworthiness, practice-based research, socio-material perspectives, research on advising and advocacy, finance and financing issues, family dynamics, roles and relationships that influence business decisions.

You can read the full Call for Proposals here. Authors interested in submitting proposals are encouraged to review the selected editorials and review articles on the Family Business Review website. In addition, prospective authors may be interested in reading “The Art of Writing a Review Article” published in the December 2009 issue of Journal of Managementwhich can be read free for the next two weeks here.

To submit a proposal, go to the Family Business Review submission manager. In the submission manager, be sure to mark the manuscript type of your submission “2nd Review Issue.” Submissions for the 2nd Review Issue should be single-spaced and up to 3 pages long. Additional pages for references, tables and appendices may be included, but the complete proposal should not exceed 10 pages total. Questions should be directed to any member of the 2nd Review Issue guest editors.

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