Compensation and Benefits Review is Now on SAGE Track!


CBR_42_1_72ppiRGB_powerpointYou can now submit to Compensation & Benefits Review electronically through SAGE Track!

Compensation & Benefits Review publishes scholarly empirical, theoretical and review articles focusing on rewards programs: compensation, benefits and related topics. Manuscripts suitable for publication in Compensation & Benefits Review include those that focus on rewards strategies; the impact of specific (or bundles of) rewards programs on employee, organizational and societal outcomes; environmental determinants of and pressures on rewards programs; and the alignment of rewards programs with other HRM programs. Manuscripts focusing on specific organizational populations (e.g., executives, sales personnel, professional employees, expatriates, unionized employees) are welcome. Rewards research can be based on multiple perspectives; manuscripts may be based on economic, psychological, sociological, finance and accounting, marketing, human resource management, legal, or other disciplinary perspectives.

Manuscript Guidelines

  • Manuscripts should not be under review at any other journal, nor should the author(s) submit the manuscript to any other journal while it is under review at Compensation & Benefits Review.
  • There is no specific manuscript page number limit. Acceptance decisions will be based on quality, not length.
  • If a manuscript is a follow-on study to a previously published article that should be noted at the time of submission. The author(s) should note (in a letter to the editor) how the current manuscript differs from the previously-published article.
  • Since Compensation & Benefits Review follows a double-blind review process author(s) must be careful to avoid revealing their identities in the manuscript in any way. This includes citation(s) of the author(s) previous work(s), where such citation(s) reveal the identity of the author of the submitted manuscript.
  • Manuscript submission guidelines may be found on the SAGE site.
  • CBR follows APA style; materials on APA style may be found at
  • Files should be submitted in Microsoft Word format. Manuscripts should be double-spaced with footnotes, references, tables and charts on separate pages. The abstract should be no more than 150 words. Three to five keywords should be provided. A short biographical paragraph including the author(s) current affiliation(s) and research interests is required.
  • Lead author(s) should include email, mailing address and telephone number in their cover letter.

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