Calling for Papers on Process and Variance Methods in Family Business Research!


pen-and-paper-1454441Family Business Review is currently accepting proposals for a Special Issue entitled “Process and Variance in Family Business Research.” This Special Issue will be guest edited by Jon C. Carr of Texas Christian University, G. Tyge Payne of Texas Tech University and Allison W. Pearson of Mississippi State University.

The journal seeks manuscripts that (1) summarize key challenges about the application of methods in the family business domain, (2) develop and/or demonstrate ways to resolve current challenges, and (3) discuss the implications of methodological changes on the field. The primary goal of this Special Issue is to feature articles that substantially enhance methodological practices within family business studies and thereby increase the confidence in and relevance of research findings.

Appropriate topics for the special include, but are not limited to:

  • FBR_C1_revised authors color.inddDevelopment and validation of key family business constructs (e.g., socioeconomic wealth, familiness)
  • Development and demonstration of particularly relevant research designs, measurement approaches, and analytical techniques to family business phenomena
  • Application of methods utilized in other fields (e.g., psychology, sociology, anthropology) to the family business context
  • The treatment of multilevel issues and designs within family businesses
  • The integration between family business theories and methodological approaches

The editors of this special issue invite authors to submit proposals to develop manuscripts suggesting improvements in process and variance methods in family business research. Due date for proposals is September 1, 2015. Both conceptual and empirical papers are welcome. All papers will undergo the standard double-blind review process and must meet the standards of Family Business Review. All articles published in this Special Issue must make a significant contribution to research methods in family business.

For more information, including submission timeline and contact information, click here. Want to know about all the latest news and research from Family Business Review? Click here to sign up for e-alerts!

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