Announcing the Winners of the 2014 Best Paper Award from Family Business Review!


trophy-189659-mWe’re pleased to congratulate Nava Michael-Tsabari, Rania Labaki, and Ramona Kay Zachary, winners of 2014 Best Paper Award from Family Business Review! Their award-winning article entitled “Toward the Cluster Model: The Family Firm’s Entrepreneurial Behavior Over Generations” appeared in the June 2014 issue of Family Business Review.

The abstract:

Building on a longitudinal case study, this article describes the entrepreneurial behavior of a FBR_C1_revised authors color.inddmultinational family firm over generations. The study inductively raises the theoretic level to fill gaps in the literature about the family role in entrepreneurial behavior and addresses the singular count of the two- and three-circle models. The data analysis shows that entrepreneurial behavior emerges not only in response to business challenges but also and predominantly to family challenges. The cluster model is suggested as a necessary extension of the circle models, positing the family as the relevant level of analysis when considering entrepreneurial behavior and introducing the distinction between organic and portfolio, core and peripheral firms.

You can read this article for free for the next 30 days by clicking here. You can also listen to an interview with Nava Michael-Tsabari and Karen Vinton, Assistant Editor of Family Business Review, about the study by clicking here. Want to know about all the latest research and announcements from Family Business Review? Click here to sign up for e-alerts!

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