3 SAGE journals score 4* world elite ranking in latest ABS Academic Journal Guide


Guest post by Camille Gamboa and Katie Baker,  SAGE Public Affairs, originally posted on SAGE Press Room on 12 March 2015

Three SAGE journals score 4* world elite ranking in lABS logoatest ABS Academic Journal Guide

London (12 March 2015) – SAGE one of the world’s leading independent academic and professional publishers today reported more than 11 journals ranked in the two top tiers, 4* and 4, in The Association of Business Schools’ (ABS) Academic Journal Guide 2015.

The ABS Academic Journal Guide 2015, published in February, is based upon peer review, editorial and expert judgments following the evaluation of many hundreds of publications, and is informed by statistical information relating to citation. It is a guide to the range, subject matter and relative quality of over 1,400 global journals in which business and management academics publish their research. SAGE continues to grow in the ABS Academic Journal Guide with 3 leading SAGE society journals now being awarded the 4* ranking of world elite in business journals. These journals are:

Most notably the SAGE journals ranked in tier 4 include:

The full ABS Journals Guide listing can be found here. Read the full press release here.

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One Response to “3 SAGE journals score 4* world elite ranking in latest ABS Academic Journal Guide”

  1. Omaka Ngele Says:

    Sage is a formidable academic journal publication outfit engaged for decades in a cutting edge knowledge management and dissemination. I’m glad to be identified with the organization and her success story

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