Don’t Miss Your Chance to Read Journal of Management’s Special Issue for Free!

Thomas Bayes

Thomas Bayes

Time is running out to read the Special Issue on Bayesian Probability and Statistics in Management Research from Journal of Management for free! How can Bayesian methods overcome limitations of frequentist methods? What is the probability that Bayesian methodologies will one day supersede traditional frequentist methodologies in the organizational science community? Could Bayesian modeling of interactions lead to a general improvement in the communication and understanding of research results? These questions and more are closely examined in the Special Issue.

From Special Issue Editors Michael J. Zyphur, Frederick L. Oswald, and Deborah E. Rupp:

We are pleased to announce the special issue on Bayesian Probability and Statistics in Management Research. Although the past 20 years has jom coverwitnessed a veritable explosion of Bayesian applications in the social and physical sciences, management research has yet to fully take part in the ‘Bayesian revolution’. However, there are many important conceptual and practical reasons for management researchers to engage with Bayesian approaches. These include enabling more precise and flexible methods for testing hypotheses, describing statistical results in a more intuitive manner than is possible with traditional statistical methods, and the availability of a large and multidisciplinary literature with applied Bayesian examples from which we can learn.

This special issue provides JOM readers with key Bayesian concepts and applications relevant to all forms of management research. The issue is truly special for bringing together world-class experts on Bayesian analysis from outside of management (e.g., Gerd Gigerenzer, Andrew Gelman, and Maria Carla Galavotti) to contribute important perspectives that dovetail with a series of substantive contributions from management scholars. These substantive topics are rich and varied: how historical and present research and perspectives inform the adoption of Bayesian analysis in management research; Bayesian approaches to hypothesis testing and structural equation modeling; Bayesian modeling of interpersonal processes and team performance over time; Bayesian model averaging and variable selection in the context of entrepreneurship research; Bayesian models of knowledge networks and organizational change; and Bayesian methods for deriving variance estimates in generalizability theory and meta-analysis. This special issue has something for everyone.

You can read the Special Issue on Bayesian Probability and Statistics in Management Research from Journal of Management for free for the next 60 days! Click here to access the Table of Contents. Want to know when all the latest research from Journal of Management becomes available? Click here to sign up for e-alerts!

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