The Oscars, Creativity and Management Research

pseudo-oskar-1414835-mAnd the Oscar goes to…

You may have heard that the 2015 Oscars/Academy Awards are being telecast today to a worldwide audience. At this time each year we turn our attention to the world of entertainment and how it’s portrayed and studied in top research. This always yields an interesting array of articles.

And here they are… 15 articles spanning film, television and the arts on topics such as: unpaid work, race and gender issues, cultural entrepreneurship, arts-based management education, films you may have missed, and much more.

Read the articles free through March 31st.


Neil Percival and David Hesmondhalgh
Unpaid Work in the UK television and film industries: Resistance and changing attitudes  (European Journal of Communication: April 2014)

Iain Munro and Silvia Jordan
‘Living Space’ at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Spatial tactics and the politics of smooth space (Human Relations: November 2013)

Leslie Stager Jacques
Borrowing From Professional Theatre Training to Build Essential Skills in Organization Development Consultants (The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science: June 2013)

Jason Smith
Between Colorblind and Colorconscious: Contemporary Hollywood Films and Struggles Over Racial Representation (Journal of Black Studies: November 2013)

Jessica Birthisel and Jason A. Martin
“That’s What She Said”: Gender, Satire, and the American Workplace on the Sitcom The Office (Journal of Communication Inquiry: January 2013)

Tohyun Kim and Mooweon Rhee
Structural and Behavioral Antecedents of Change: Status, Distinctiveness, and Relative Performance (Journal of Management: July 2014)

Jen Katz-Buonincontro
Decorative Integration or Relevant Learning? A Literature Review of Studio Arts-Based Management Education With Recommendations for Teaching and Research (Journal of Management Education: February 2015)

Sonal Minocha, George Stonehouse and Martin Reynolds
Bollywood on Creativity: An Interview With the Internationally Acclaimed Film Director Shekhar Kapur (Journal of Management Inquiry: April 2014)

Alexia Panayiotou
Spacing gender, gendering space: A radical “strong plot” in film (Management Learning: July 2014)

Pablo Dominguez Andersen
The Hollywood Beach Party Genre and the Exotification of Youthful White Masculinity in Early 1960s America (Men and Masculinities: November 2014)

Matt Witt
Out of the Mainstream: Books and Films You May Have Missed (New Labor Forum: January/February 2013)

Eric Yanfei Zhao, Masakazu Ishihara and Michael Lounsbury
Overcoming the Illegitimacy Discount: Cultural Entrepreneurship in the US Feature Film Industry (Organization Studies: December 2013)

Sarah Franzen
Engaging a specific, not general, public: the use of ethnographic film in public scholarship (Qualitative Research: August 2013)

Daniel Ashton
Making Media Workers: Contesting Film and Television Industry Career Pathways (Television & New Media: March 2015)

Keith Randle, Cynthia Forson and Moira Calveley
Towards a Bourdieusian analysis of the social composition of the UK film and television workforce (Work, Employment & Society: October 2014)

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