Book Review: Persuasion: History, theory, practice

9781603849982.jpg.400x0_q20Pullman, G. Persuasion: History, theory, practice. Indianapolis, IN: Hackett. 2013. 404 pp., plus index. $26.60, paperback.

Read the review by Rachel Cochran of the University of Alabama in Huntsville from the OnlineFirst section of International Journal of Business Communication.

From the review:

George Pullman achieves an outstanding feat. He provides a manual that BPCQ/IJBC3.inddaddresses the inner workings of human communication—from its history to its developmental theory and then finally to its oratorical and written practice. Meanwhile, he cleverly conceals the very rhetorical skills and tricks he exposes within the text. Pullman leaves no stone unturned; and if he does, he gives himself an out, playfully and artfully placing the burden of catching his possible mistakes with the reader.

He synthesizes theory, advice, and technique into a dense yet manageable format. This work is not only educational and intellectually compelling but also comical at times. Pullman provides his readers with points to ponder, words and peripheral history to pursue. In the “Note to Students” section, he writes, “This book is a command prompt. I’m not going to teach you anything. I’m going to challenge you to learn for yourself.”

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