Does Consumer Innovativeness Influence Adoption of a New Product?

mobile-phone-1104507-mDiffusion and adoption of innovation are major issues in the discipline of consumer behavior. The emergence of new technologies and developments as well as continuous changes in preferences by consumers not only shortens the life cycle of products but creates a need for innovation in order to gain a competitive edge and gratify customers’ demands. A recent study published in Paradigm entitled “Measuring Mobile Telecom Service Innovativeness Among Youth: An Application of Domain-Specific Innovativeness Scale” was conducted to measure the mobile telecom service innovativeness for youth, generally considered the target market for mobile telecom services that then influences the adoption and diffusion of innovation for the industry. By measuring consumer innovativeness, a new paradigm is opened for marketers to comprehend innovative buying behavior that affects the acceptance or rejection of new products and services in a particular category.

Consumer innovativeness is highly acknowledged by marketers for successful diffusion of innovation with the home_coveraim to make business more profitable and competitive. The present study has been conducted to measure mobile telecom service innovativeness among youth. The constructs related to consumer behaviour such as product involvement, opinion leadership, need for uniqueness, venturesomeness and price insensitivity have been included in the study as factors influencing consumer innovativeness. Youth with existing mobile telecom services have been considered as the target population and a non-probabilistic sampling technique has been used to collect samples. Univariate and bivariate analyses have been used for making statistical inferences about population. The results of the study categorized youth as consumer innovators with significant product involvement and opinion leadership for mobile telecom services and also revealed that product involvement and price insensitivity are positively associated with mobile telecom service innovativeness. The research also offers a discussion about implications of diffusion of innovation for mobile telecom services on the basis of consumer innovativeness and related constructs.

You can read “Measuring Mobile Telecom Service Innovativeness Among Youth: An Application of Domain-Specific Innovativeness Scale” from Paradigm for free by clicking here. Want to know about all the latest research like this from Paradigm? Click here to sign up for e-alerts!

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