New Podcast! Can Mobile Tablet Menus Help Millennials Make Healthier Choices?

cqx coverIn the latest podcast from Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, author Maryam F. Yepes of Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland discusses her recent article entitled “Mobile Tablet Menus: Attractiveness and Impact of Nutrition Labeling Formats on Millennials’ Food Choices” which compared menu selections by millennial-age respondents to test the effects of five different menu nutrition labeling formats for attractiveness, perceived influence, and actual influence on the students’ food choices using mobile tablet technology.

The podcast can be downloaded by clicking here. You can also read the article for free by clicking here and subscribe to SAGE Management podcasts on iTunes by clicking here. You can click here to sign up for e-alerts and learn about all the latest news and research from Cornell Hospitality Quarterly.

70c2977b8360d3e6fbef5f2a4b5d78deMaryam F. Yepes a professor of nutrition at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, is also a consultant and director at Myravan, specialising in bringing nutrition and health related solutions for hospitality professionals.

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