Book Review: Oh myyy! There goes the Internet: Life, the Internet, and everything


16275207George Takei has made quite a splash in the world of social media in the last few years.The former Star Trek actor currently has 1.42 million followers on Twitter and nearly 8 million Facebook likes. In 2013, Takei released a book detailing his rise in internet stardom entitled “Oh myyy! There goes the Internet: Life, the Internet, and everything.” Stephanie Kelly of North Carolina A&T State University recently published a review of this book in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly.

Takei, G. (2013). Oh myyy! There goes the Internet: Life, the Internet, and everything. New York,NY: Limited Liability Company. 244 pp.

From the review:

In 1966, actor George Takei was propelled to fame for his role as Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the USS Enterprise, on the television series Star Trek. Today, Takei is more famous than ever for his BPCQ.inddpresence in a different medium. He manages one of the most popular Facebook pages in the world with over six million followers. In 2013, Takei published a book chronicling his experience with social media titled Oh Myyy! There Goes the Internet: Life, the Internet, and Everything. The book explains his rise to online fame through first Twitter and then Facebook in a volume full of humor, life lessons, and practical Internet marketing advice. The practical advice and honest discussion of the dark side of social media make the book a surprisingly useful text for business students.

The need to train business students in the appropriate use of social media is well documented (e.g., Kelly, Christen, & Snyder, 2013; McEachern, 2011; Meredith, 2012; Sacks & Graves, 2012). Though today’s college students excel as users of social media for personal purposes, they often do not receive training in professional uses of social media. Although it is not an academic text, Oh Myyy! There Goes the Internet provides an excellent overview of how social media should and should not be used in professional settings.

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