Sign Up for Free Trial Month for SAGE Journals and SAGE Research Methods!


lonely-mouse-97152-mWe are excited to announce that for the entire month of October, you can get free access to both SAGE Journals and SAGE Research Methods! These award-winning tools and resources are designed to offer extensive research features, comprehensive access to robust scholarly content, and customization tools that allow researchers to refine and focus their research.

SJ_160x140SAGE Journals  is one of the largest and most powerful collections of social sciences, business, humanities, science, technical, and medical content in the world! It offers over 1.3 million scholarly articles for inquisitive minds to peruse from more than 750 journals.

SRM-Free-Trial-2014SAGE Research Methods is an award-winning tool designed to help researchers, faculty, and students create research projects and understand the methods behind them. This invaluable tool links together more than 770 research methods terms from an unprecedented variety of content—including books, journals, and reference resources.

This comprehensive offer is available to anyone with an active interest in learning! It’s only available until October 31, 2014 so click here to sign up today!

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