Introducing the New Editorial Team of Group and Organization Management!


We’re pleased to announce that William L. Gardner of Texas Tech University has been appointed as the new Editor of Group and Organization Management. Joining the new team are Lucy Gilson, University 06GOM10_Covers.inddof Connecticut, as Senior Associate Editor; and Associate Editors Jin Nam Choi, Seoul National University; Judith Clair, Boston College; Lisa Finkelstein, Northern Illinois University; Guido Hertel, University of Münster (starts 7/2015); Travis Maynard, Colorado State University; Orlando Richard, University of Texas at Dallas; and Ethlyn Williams, Florida Atlantic University.

The Editorial Team has signed and affirmed to adhere to the Ethical Practices of Journal Editors: Voluntary Code of Conduct ( and are committed to the timely processing of all submission.

In honor of the new team, you can read the latest issue of Group and Organization Management for free for 30 days. The issue can be accessed by clicking here.

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