What is the “Global Brain”?

380_wpm_lowresJust what is the “Global Brain”? In his article “Global Brain and the Future of Human Society,” Cadell Last defines the Global Brain as a leading hypothesis explaining the current evolution of the human system. Last, whose work has appeared in publications such as the Scientific American and Humanity+ Magazine, believes that the Internet is allowing a centralized space for intellectual evolution. People can now pool new ideas,  knowledge and feelings from all parts of the globe and easily share them with one another. According to his Microryza campaign, Last hopes that with research and development of a systems-level theoretical understanding of human evolution, humans could chart the possible future evolution of institutions, such as religions and medicine, and what their role would be in everyday lives. His article was recently published in World Future Review.

The abstract:

The Global Brain is a leading hypothesis explaining the current evolution of the human system. Recent multidisciplinary research at the Global Brain Institute has laid a potential framework for thinking about the future of human society within the context of the emergence of a global brain this century. In this article, I outline the theory ofWFR_72ppiRGB_powerpoint challenge propagation and explain how this theory can help us formulate an empirical understanding of the future of individual and collective human experience with a global brain. This includes a prescriptive and predictive analysis of the future of governance and religion. The article invites discussion as well as critical and constructive feedback as its sole purpose is to stimulate a decentralized discussion that will help us all better understand the future of human organization in the twenty-first century.

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3 thoughts on “What is the “Global Brain”?

  1. The link is not allowing access to the full text article. Is that by design or in error? I would like to read the article please

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