Usability testing at SAGE


Would you like to help shape the features and functionality of SAGE’s online products? We are conducting monthly usability businessman-with-the-notebook-3-1362248-mtesting and would love for you to get involved! If you are a student, researcher, faculty member or librarian, sign up for one of our sessions by filling out our online registration form.

What it is:
You will test 2-3 products using either a live site or a set of wireframes. Wireframes are the blueprints for a website, and although some of them have interactivity built in such as links and working menus, many of them do not. We use them to test our approach and are looking to test the site’s ability to help you complete your tasks.

When it happens:
We are running testing from April 21-25, and ongoing testing will occur every 3rd week of the month.

Where it happens:
You can visit us at one of our four testing locations in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, or London, UK. If you are not in one of these locations, we may set up remote testing.

How to get involved:
Sign up!

Still have questions? Contact Alicia Warren.

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