A Focus on High-Quality Research

[Editor’s Note: We are pleased to reproduce Michael LaTour’s editorial from the most recent issue of Cornell Hospitality Quarterly.]

cqx coverMore than ever before, the quality of academic research is crucial for both journals and authors. Of course, impact factors are a reflection of this. But let us dig deeper. Does the article take a sophisticated reader on a well-crafted journey? Imagine examining an expensive handmade wallet that “unfolds” beautifully and impresses the holder with its carefully thought-through construction. Analogous to such, hypotheses should be theoretically rich and elegant. Measures should be not only appropriate but also optimal. Methodology should impress and should Captureflow like a symphony. Data should be rich and robust. Finally, artful discussion should whet our appetites for more research to come in the future. Not a small task, but certainly worth the outcome. Hence, I ask prospective authors to send their best work to Cornell Hospitality Quarterly (CQ) and impress us as I have outlined.

Read Michael LaTour’s editorial from the May issue of Cornell Hospitality Quarterly for free by clicking here. Don’t forget to click here to sign up for e-alerts and get all the latest from Cornell Hospitality Quarterly.

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