Using Crowdsourcing to Improve Employee Satisfaction

people-at-work-5-37056-mCould crowdsourcing replace traditional Performance Reviews? In his article from Compensation and Benefits Review entitled “The Power of the Crowdsourced Performance Review,” Eric Mosley discusses the benefits of crowdsourcing information from coworkers rather than using the traditional performance review format.

The abstract:

Employee engagement and satisfaction are critical for any business. However, traditional performance reviews often decrease employee satisfaction rather than improve it. Fortunately, new advances inCBR_42_1_72ppiRGB_powerpoint technology have made it possible to collect and review performance data from all of a given employee’s coworkers, effectively crowdsourcing the performance review and giving managers a more detailed picture of their employees’ productivity. Using a social recognition system, managers can increase the effectiveness of their periodic performance reviews with employees and generate new compensation structures that increase collaboration and employee satisfaction.

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