Free Access to the February Issue of Journal of Management!

Looking for some reading for the long weekend? Journal of Management‘s February issue on Strategic Human Capital guest edited by Russell Coff, Patrick Wright, and Thomas Moliternois is available to read for free!

From Editor Deborah Rupp:

Strategic human capital has emerged as an area of interest in both the strategy and human resources management literatures, yet these literatures have developed without adequate interdisciplinary conversation. This special issue seeks to bridge this divide by creating a platform for researchers from both fields to engage in dialogue. Within the issue you will find paper on topics such as how the human jom covercapital of a Board of Directors impacts performance; how the departure of “star” employees affects a firm’s exploration and exploitation; how the value of an individual’s human capital depends on the human capital of those surrounding that individual; how a firm’s capital structure impacts a firm’s investment in human capital; and how firms seek to leverage staffing efforts to gain competitive advantage through human capital. In addition, papers seek to present a comprehensive analysis of the construct of human capital resources and to explore and expand the linkage between strategy and HR research to better extend our knowledge of human capital.

All articles from both the January and February issues of the Journal of Management are available to be read for free for the next 30 days! Access January here and February here. Don’t forget to sign up for e-alerts by clicking here and stay up to date on all new articles and issues from the Journal of Management!

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