Increasing Creativity in the Business Classroom



We’re all familiar with the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” But what if this tired phrase could be applied in a new direction? In Journal of Management Education, contributors Laura T. Madden and Anne D. Smith discuss the benefits of incorporating photography into business and management classes in their article, “Using Photographs to Integrate Liberal Arts Learning in Business Education.” The abstract:

The inclusion of photographic approaches in the business classroom can incorporate missing elements of liberal education into business education, which were highlighted in a recent Carnegie study of jme coverundergraduate business education. Building on photographic methods in social science research, we identify three categories of photographic approaches that can enhance undergraduate liberal arts modes of thinking: (a) archival or researchercreated images translated into in-class activities, (b) photo-elicitation course projects in which students envision future careers and step into the shoes of another, and (c) photovoice courses built around semester-long projects to generate student self-reflection. These in-class, grassroots efforts allow professors to provide undergraduate business students the opportunities to learn through multiple framing and reflective exploration of meaning.

Read the rest of “Using Photographs to Integrate Liberal Arts Learning in Business Education” by clicking here.

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