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Research in Social Marketing has celebrated much research success for over forty years. In the latest article from Social Marketing Quarterly, author V. Dao Truong outlines not only the achievements made, but the possible pathways for further exploration. Truong reviews the literature here:

Since the term social marketing was formalized (Kotler & Zaltman, 1971), it has attracted increased SMq Coverattention of scholars and practitioners in differing disciplines as evidenced by the growing number of academic and practical articles published globally (Truong & Hall, 2013). By using the tools of generic marketing to promote voluntary behavior change in target audience for collective welfare, social marketing has demonstrated its potential in a number of sectors. These include health (Bryant, Forthofer, Brown, Landis, & McDermott, 2000; Gordon, McDermott, Stead, & Angus, 2006; MacKintosh, MacFadyen, & Hastings, 1999), communication and transportation (Cooper, 2007; Fox & Kotler, 1980), environmental protection, sustainable development (Kennedy, 2010; McKenzie-Mohr, 1994; McKenzie-Mohr, Schultz, Lee, & Kotler, 2012; Tabanico & Schultz, 2007), and tourism and leisure (McKenzie-Mohr et al., 2012; Truong & Hall, 2013). Social marketing’s successes can be found in many case studies and reports (Cork, 2008; Doner, 2003; Gordon et al., 2006; McKenzie-Mohr et al., 2012; Stead, Gordon, Angus, & McDermott, 2007).

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