Towards a Business Game Taxonomy

s&gA recently published article in Simulation & Gaming, titled, “An Exploratory Taxonomy of Business Games” by Marco Greco, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy, Nicola Baldissin, The Business Game Srl, Udine, Italy and Fabio Nonino, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, proposes a business game taxonomy.

From the abstract:

This article proposes a business game taxonomy. The taxonomy creates a comprehensive definition of business games in general and identifies their parameter-defining characteristics. A successful taxonomy can facilitate the comparison of different game-based educational tools and can direct application-based research to a game’s most learning-associated components. The field’s existing taxonomies within the literature are inadequate for both purposes. The genesis of our five-part taxonomy of business games was both literature-based and intuitive. It is hoped that this taxonomy will serve to develop a global database to be built collaboratively by the community of business game users and developers.

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2 thoughts on “Towards a Business Game Taxonomy

  1. A little “false” advertising???

    I don’t know other’s experience but I can not access to article to read it “Free” for the rest of the month. And I am not signing up a bunch of things I may not have time to read and respond to…Sorry. This subject is of interest to me and not all suggestions are.

    I can either read it for free or you can not/stop says such things. You do diminish your crediblility for some of us by doing this.

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